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Tintyava and Nevena: rediscover Bojentzi

The comfortable traditional setting, the tranquility, and the authentic ambiance are among the numerous assets of the traditional Bulgarian guesthouses Tintyava and Nevena.

Tintyava and Nevena: rediscover Bojentzi
Spring is the most inspiring time of year, which provokes us to leave the busy city behind. The destination is Bojentzi, where we will stay at the beautiful guset houses Tintyava and Nevena.

Bojentzi is an enchanting village nestled in the mountain, 200 km from Sofia. The legend has it that 600 years ago Boyar Bojana and her family left devastated Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo and settled among the ancient forests in this region. The new settlement was named after her in honor of her bravery.

In 1964 the village was declared an architectural and historical reserve for its overall appearance and untouched nature. The buildings date back 100 to 250 years old and are typical example of XVIII-XIX century architecture. A curious fact is that most of the buildings are two-storeyed, as back then the settlers were wealthy and influential people.

Tintyava and Nevena guesthouses make no exception. Upon arrival, we notice that the two houses have preserved genuine Bulgarian traditions. Filled with comfort and warmth, they keep the spirit of generations of Bulgarians who lived here for centuries.

Tintyava offers two comfortably furnished rooms and a studio with its own kitchenette. The younger "sister" Nevena also hosts guests and tempts them with an authentic atmosphere. Besides the convenience of a high level, we are charmed by the lovely garden.

The priceless peace does not mean that we will be bored - something is always happening in and around Bojentzi - from the annual summer children's workshops and the restorations of folk customs to celebrations and exhibitions at the village square. We can also visit the numerous authentic workshops and the church "St. Iliya the prophet".

Outside this paradise we can visit the city of humor - Gabrovo, the museum complex Eter and the geographic center of Bulgaria in the area of Uzana. The Dryanovo monastery and the Bacho Kiro cave promise more memorable moments.

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