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Coppa Della Magа: The healthy ice cream of the summer

“Coppa Della Magа” means “The cup of the magician” in Italian. Inside this magic cup with ice cream you can find the new flavours for this summer which are different, interesting, healthy and very fresh.

Coppa Della Magа: The healthy ice cream of the summer
Coppa Della Magа is a brand which, as if with magic, fulfills the dreams of all ice cream lovers with a delicious treat - very tasty and at the same time healthy. This might sound unbelievable, but it is exactly how magic happens as you take the spoonful of ice cream in your mouth.

The ingredients of Coppa Della Magа are 100 % natural; the ice cream is created according to an old Italian recipe, enriched by the creative imagination of Coppa Della Magа masters. This refined ice cream is produced with fresh milk and cream, so that it is truly natural and milky smooth.

Coppa Della Magа does not contain preservatives, artificial flavouring, colouring or hydrogenated vegetable fats. The sweetness is naturally achieved by the healthy herb called Stevia and not by crystallized sugar. The Stevia grows in the subtropical and the tropical regions of South and Central America; because of the sweet taste of the herb’s leaves, it is vastly used as a substitute of sugar.

The Coppa Della Magа ice cream contains a small number of carbohydrates and is therefore suitable for everybody. Up until now there are 6 flavors of Coppa Della Magа ice cream in containers of 500 ml. The ones that we all love the most are: Classic Vanilla, Strawberry, Crispy Caramel, Cherry & Cream, Double Chocolate and Pistachio.

This summer we are enchanted by several new flavours of this exquisite ice cream (Sesame & Honey, Grapefruit & Bergamot, Yogurt & Rose Petals, Amaretto, Coconut Flakes and Crunchy Nougat) and they are different, interesting, healthy and very fresh!

Specialists recommend the consumption of the ice cream when it is slightly melted so that one can best feel the taste and the aroma of the natural substances. The aftertaste livens your spirit, calms down your worries and brings pleasure to your senses.

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