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Karl Lagerfeld #1 - Exclusive Interview

Karl Lagerfeld took on yet another challenge by sharing his views on fantasies, work, and creativity exclusively with PREMIUM Lifestyle. 

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interview by Valentina Antonov 

He is one of the most influential people in the history of the fashion industry. A photographer, designer, director and aesthete, Karl Lagerfeld is living out his childhood dream. Today, he is a living legend. A remarkable character and artist, who, through his unique vision, created a revolution in contemporary fashion, developed the face of modern photography, maintained the spirit of one of the most revered Parisian haute couture houses (CHANEL) while building his own brand. Although it seems obvious that his success was not based on chance, Lagerfeld claims: “My work can be regarded as improvisation, but a professional improvisation. I, myself, am also an improvisation.” There’s the self-directed irony which further strengthens the majesty of him as an individual. Lagerfeld holds something more than just a diploma or certificate from a prestigious design school. He has natural talent, taste and, last but not least, the ability to be bold, thanks to which he manages to achieve his personal goals. Undoubtedly, Karl Lagerfeld also has the necessary passion and drive to create an environment which allows him to execute various and diverse projects simultaneously. Compared to most other fashion designers, in one year, Lagerfeld produces four times more work. Karl creates almost sixteen whimsical collections annually for brands like CHANEL, FENDI and KARL LAGERFELD, structures the respective marketing campaigns for each, makes short films, collaborates with other brands, organizes artistic showcases, he also writes and publishes books. There are certainly a great many other things he is working on. When it comes to Karl Lagerfeld, there is much to say but, it is best, when we give him the word. 

What did you want to be when you were a child?
When I was young, I wanted to grow up as fast as possible. In the past, I thought it was embarrassing to be a child - like you were considered a lower class of human.

Do you still fantasize?
I don’t fantasize. I design. I realize the clear conceptual vision I have for my ideas. However, I don’t always even realize them. I work on them. I was born stubborn. I also dream. Not always but, there are mornings, when I wake up with a different image in my head. I never question these images - instead, I sketch them immediately on a piece of paper and, eventually, I develop and realize them. The best things I have ever made have been born in my dreams. 
Fashion is an art that requires you to keep your eyes open. To design based on our surrounding reality and modernity. The best way to live your dreams is to wake up and work on them.

How would you describe your fantasies?
I express my fantasies through my art. I love my profession. It gives me the opportunity to create freely. If today I “make a mistake” somewhere, tomorrow, I can fix “my mistake” with the next collection or photo session. To me, everything is an opportunity for a new beginning. You have probably heard this German saying - “Don’t give the past too much meaning.” I am a believer in change, in progress - I like how they both require consistency.  

Do you manage to realize everything you imagine?
I always use the sense that I have not actually accomplished anything. In this way, each new project is a complete and exciting experience to me. This is how I keep my creative spirit alive. Success does not come down to one achievement, a golden ratio within which a person considers himself “a somebody". Success is work, consistency, diligence and action. 

How does modern art differentiate itself?
In the past, everything used to be drawn, down to the most minute details of each item of clothing. It was done by hand. These days, the human hand has been largely mechanized by various electronic appendages to replace the pencil. This annoys me.

How do you maintain your creative drive?
I never look back. I do not even go through my own archives. Something truly interesting and exciting must be created, not re-created. 

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