Prevention is the best protection, care, strategy for... EVERYTHING

How to learn not to postpone?

Irena Komitova
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No matter how many times we repeat this "golden rule", it will never be enough. Especially when it comes to our personal health. There will always be something more important - it will take up your time and push preventive self-care into the background. Children, home, the next business meeting, the new project, the presentation to the Board... And so on. Knowing this, Preventica tells us that they are here to help and teach us not to procrastinate. And the "lessons" begin with an invitation to an exciting business meeting.

Put it on your business calendar: a visit to Preventica. They are there for both your morning coffee and an afternoon reception at the end of the workday. The staircase, branded with their name and logo, on the right side of building 4 in Garitage Park, leads to a spacious terrace with a view of the Vitosha mountain and to the entrance of the clinic itself. Elegant reception and welcoming interior, modern design and sparkling cleanliness, light tones, natural materials, and comfortable furniture, extremely impressive paintings on the walls. This is my "first impression" - I have found a place that welcomes you, calms you down and makes you feel good.

This is the one and only Center for Preventive Medicine in our country so far, and with great pleasure, I accept the invitation to be shown around it. I listen to how its creators share their inspiration to invest in such an innovative business, without an analog in our country - with first-class specialists in the various fields of medicine and dental care.

I can feel and see the motto "With your health at heart" at Preventica in every detail - individual offices are equipped with unique high-tech equipment for the highest quality diagnostics and treatment. I immediately start planning in my head: I want to do this test and this examination and this consultation and this screening. In fact, I want to try everything, and at once, within just one visit.

No, it won't happen like that – health is not a business project with start and end date. For it, it is important to take care consciously and systematically every day, and therefore our journey is accompanied by precise diagnosis, verified and reliable information, professional advice, and monitoring. That's why they will first send me a detailed questionnaire that I can fill out online, and only after that we will arrange what is needed. But since I’m fond of "to-do-lists", I decide to start with some of the general studies: Get to know your body!

This is what the personalized “Full Body Check” packages are called. Nothing hurts, you have no complaints, but it's always good to know (if not for you, then for your parents) what overall shape your body is in (Remember when Tina Turner was told back in the day that she was 50, when in reality she was 65? Well, something like that.) Where else can you enjoy the perks of a 2-in-1 prophylactic pack, while you are having a coffee with a friend and catch up for all exciting things you both have to share? Paying for one exam and getting both diagnosis and care – with a bone density test, mammogram and professional health advice? I welcomed this innovative approach and decided to give it a try. It is not difficult to decide who to come with - of course, my daughter.

Do you know what Invenia ABUS is?

This is the only automated ultrasound system for breast diagnostics in our country - it clearly shows the individual anatomical structures, distinguishes liquid from solid formations and can clearly distinguish malignant from benign lesions. Scientific research shows that the additional use of ABUS increases the chance of detecting breast cancer by 2 to 6 times. Those of our readers who have done similar research on other equipment in the past know that it can sometimes feel unpleasant and painful. Here at Preventica, the patient lies down on the white couch and the machine passes over her, performing the appropriate screening non-contact. This means short examination time, operator independence and cancer detection sensitivity reaching almost 100%.

Another very important thing: Invenia ABUS detects tumor formations at a very early stage, which has a great impact on determining the course of the disease, therapy and follow-up. This modern study is recommended both for women over 40 and for those who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer (I recall the case of Angelina Jolie). Unlike other mammograms, Invenia ABUS is suitable for both pregnant women and women with implants.


The clinic also has the latest hearing testing system, as well as a unique soundproof camera for the highest precision. It is always good to diagnose if you have hearing disturbances, because sometimes it decreases gradually and supposedly imperceptibly, especially when working in conditions of noise and loud music, ear infections, prolonged use of headphones (eh, we are all on your cell phones all the time, right?) as well as passing the age of 50. Finally, it is important to "hear" what the specialists have to say. To hear it well and follow it, of course.
Osteoporosis test or DEXA bone density test - determines with the greatest accuracy the condition of the bones. With the advanced equipment at Preventica, professionals can detect how much bone density has decreased to prevent an arm, leg or hip fracture; they can determine the risk of fractures, confirm or reject the diagnosis of osteoporosis, and also monitor the effect of its treatment. This test is recommended for all ladies over 40, or if specifically advised by your GP. And here the procedure is identical: you lie down in the apparatus and let it do its work. Quick, painless and effective.
As a final note, let me not forget to mention that there is also a special section for children. And a VIP area for the comprehensive treatment of patients and their families - to give them peace of mind and discretion.
And so I begin with the tests. And I'll tell you about the results in the next issue. Summer is the season when we have the most free time, let's dedicate it to our health.

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