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Arteks Engineering Introduces a New Building - Latinka 7

The sales professionals at Arteks Engineering will tell you more details about the new building in Iztok neighbourhood on 7 Latinka Street and will help you choose the perfect living space for you.

+2 imagesArteks Engineering Introduces a New Building - Latinka 7
The building has been created as a part of an architectural ensemble, a continuation of the “Sequoia” complex on 9 Latinka Str. The combined attention paid to the infrastructure, landscaping, lighting as well as the harmony of the fine details of the buildings rejuvenates and beautifies the surroundings, imbuing them with a classic European charm. The seven-storey structure (including an additional underground level for garages) features 21 apartments, 24 parking spaces as well as a common landscaped green space for the use of its residents. The spacious and perfectly laid-out dwellings have three rooms, four rooms, five rooms and include one six room suite.

The distinctive geometric silhouette and clean lines are softened by the warm nuances of the natural stone. The facade captivates with its carefully balanced and discreet unity of recognizable architectural details along with the carefully considered lighting plan. The highlighted presence of glass elements gives the building an unobtrusive lighter presence while the design of the top floors and the rooftop spaces make it an unforgettable sight. Passersby will often lift their gaze to enjoy the remarkable design. It is namely with the building’s emblematic design, as well as the rendering of the project, that Arteks Engineering sets an example for the importance of variety, dynamics and passion in home construction.

A significantly eco-friendly project guarantees the conservation of the impressive and regionally rare Canadian oaks and sequoia trees in the area. The landscaping itself integrates a wide array of carefully selected flora. The building becomes a space in which one can live in a healthy and ecologically responsible way not only because park "Borisova Garden” is enviably close, but also because it has been organized with the overall wellbeing and comfort of its residents in mind. The project aims to provide maximum natural light to the dwellings. The internal layout does not allow for protruding edges, spaces difficult to furnish or small bedrooms. With their refined finish, the foyers, staircases and landings create a smooth transition into the aesthetic of each individual home. The raw materials used during the structuring and mounting work are acquired from a reliable producer and come from a trusted established source. They do not contain any harmful ingredients. The external walls are constructed with Wienerberger, environmentally friendly ceramic bricks, the windows are made from the original, five pane, tripe-layered glass (with transparent, solar and low-emission K-glass) which conserves energy during the winter and provides UV and heat protection during the summer. The applied insulation meets the highest standards and is flawlessly implemented. The “floating floor” technology using the modern soundproof membrane “FONAS TEX” ensures the elimination of unnecessary noise. Quality materials and innovative technology guarantee that every home is as energy efficient as possible.

Every dwelling on 7 Latinka Str. combines the rare privileges of a prestigious address, an accessible location and a healthy, inspiring environment. The architecture, with a focus on the individual and their wellbeing, takes advantage of the premium circumstances, builds on a classic concept unified with a forward-thinking spirit, unparalleled comfort and lightness of being. As an investment in the development of financial and spiritual value, a home here gives a basis for the growth of welfare and happiness in one’s life.

You can find more details about the building on the Arteks Engineering website or by getting in touch with engineer Tsvetoslava Stoyanova from the sales team at or at 0888 801 546. 

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