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SU MISURA, 22-23 March, Canali boutique, Sofia

This season, the premium service called "made to measure" will be available at Canali’s boutique on 22nd and 23rd March.

SU MISURA, 22-23 March, Canali boutique, Sofia
Twice a year, the SU MISURA service is offered directly from the tailors of Canali, visiting brand's boutiques all over the world.

Customers of Canali are invited to make their choice of fabrics from more than 200 patterns, including amazing and precious fine fabrics like the extremely rare wool of 220's, 230's and vicuna.

The creation of the unique suit starts with the choice of model and cut that best meet the customer's physics. During this stage, the extensive experience of the expert plays a key role in ensuring that the final product will be perfect.

Each customer can demonstrate creativity of style by selecting the buttons and linings. The uniqueness of the product is guaranteed once again by the personalized label with the name of the client.

After finalizing the details on the contract, all the information is sent to Italy, where the experienced cutters design the model based on measurements and the requirements of the customer.

In about four weeks the final product is ready and the customers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their own Canali style created from the finest materials with exceptional care to every detail.

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