Unfurling the Moët Tie

Celebrate good news and joyful moments with MOËT ROSÉ IMPÉRIAL UNFURL THE TIE.

Unfurling the Moët Tie
For more than 270 years, we have been celebrating significant moments with our loved ones in the company of Moët & Chandon. The bubbles in the champagne chase each other in a playful dance, urging us to experience the joys in life. With a smile, we unfurl the tie and give into the temptation with all of our senses.

One of the main characters of our fairy tale is the iconic black bow of Moët & Chandon. It has decorated the legendary bottle of champagne since the year 1886. And so arrives His Majesty Moët Rosé Impérial - with a bold, fruity aroma, irresistible taste and an elegant ripeness. After an aging period of at least 21 months in the cellar, this champagne develops a striking pink hue with amber undertones while its seductive array of aromas combines intense infusion of berries, colourful bursts of rose and a light pepper spice.

The story of rosé made by Moët & Chandon begins back in 1794 - the year when the harvest yielded the 100 bottles of rosé which Napoleon Bonaparte and his mother purchased from Jean-Rémy Moët in 1801. The tale continues in 1878, the year of the oldest remaining bottle of Moët & Chandon rosé champagne. However, in our modern champagne story, the limited edition bottle does not arrive by carriage, in comes to us in a stylish oval case instead. The set includes an elegant bow-shaped stand for glasses and offers a new way to savour the infamous Moët Rosé Impérial. The playful slogan of the series, Unfurl the Tie, refers to this new luxurious arrangement. We untie the knotted bow and let it trail down freely through the air with a delicate flourish. The magic unfurls in vibrant pink and sleek black accompanied by nude accents. We metaphorically loosen the knot of the daily grind. We invite our favourite people to enjoy a drink in our fairy tale. The scent of the champagne is soft in the air as the dazzling bubbles fill the glasses. Hold that thought - this glamorous moment with a dear person, a special occasion with a friend or a joyous event in the family, now let your senses guide you and let the sensation take over. The moment is yours. 

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