Cognac in Style with Puiforcat

The designer glass has been created in partnership with the french fine art school École Boulle, while its rounded, wider shape aims to conserve the distinctive scent of the drink.

Cognac in Style with Puiforcat
The French luxury brand specializing in silver creations, Puiforcat, has released a true masterpiece of elegant lines and classic vision. The glass is referred to as a Cognac Beaker and will, undoubtedly, bring joy to many cognac aficionados who love saying Cheers! in style with their favourite drink in hand.

The shape of the glass - rounded and intentionally made wider than usual, is specifically crafted in order to allow for the taste and scent of the cognac within to spread out along the walls of the interior as you take a drink. The stand, on which it sits, can also double as a lid for the glass. The gold lining the interior takes on the colour of the cognac and reddens once the drink is poured while, at the same time, keeping the aroma insulated within for a longer duration of time.

The designer glass is created in partnership with the French fine arts institution École Boulle and one of it's most talented apprentices - Leo Dubreil. It is part of the new collection of high-quality dining sets, silverware, vases and candle holders made by the company Puiforcat, which has a 195 year history of being a symbol of class and master craftsmanship. The most famous, world-renowned creations to come from Puiforcat have been in the Art Deco style.

You can order the Cognac Beaker online at the price of €1900.

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