Suntory sends whiskey to space

Japanese giant Suntory Holdings Ltd. sends 6 samples of their best whiskey collections to age in the International Space Station.

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Clear night, wooden house in the forest, comfortable leather couch in front of the fireplace… and a glass of high-quality whisky with a strong aroma and mellow taste – that is what true connoisseurs dream about. And whenever you ask them what makes a great whiskey, they will reply without doubt that it’s the aging process. It needs to be “conducted” in a stable environment where the temperature is constant. And what better environment than the absolutely constant – Space?

On 16th August this year 6 samples of the luxurious whisky, produced by Suntory, will be launched into the nothingness of space. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s transfer vehicle Kounotori will be what transports the glass flasks which contain the liquor. The company hopes to learn how the ultimate zero gravity affects the taste of their products but aren’t planning yet to apply what they will learn to the commercial products. The first samples will return to Earth in about a year, while the rest will remain in space for at least two years.

Sadly for whisky lovers, Suntory will not be selling any of the space-aged single malt to the public. The only people who will get to try the uniquely aged drink will be the blenders who will taste it in order to compare it to samples which have aged on the ground.

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