A Glass of Wine Makes You More Attractive

British scientists are giving us one more reason to treat ourselves to a drink after a long day.

A Glass of Wine Makes You More Attractive
New research confirms, that having exactly one glass of wine makes us more provocative than our completely sober state. An increase in quantity, however, does not reach better results, explain experts, and add that, anything beyond one glass might actually ruin the effect.

In the survey, 20 men and 20 women ranked the attractiveness of people in a series of photos. All models were photographed completely sober and then having had 250ml and 500 ml, of wine, respectively. The participants proclaimed the subjects who had consumed 250ml of wine as more attractive. Those who had consumed 500ml did not rank higher in regard to their sober pictures.

Scientists explain that the increase in sex appeal after a glass of wine is related to the increase in blood pressure, which, in turn, causes flushing of the cheeks. The drink also improves one's mood, it allows the subject to feel more comfortable, and smile more, conclude experts.

The results of the survey have been published in the scientific journal "Alcohol and Alcoholism".

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