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Limited Edition Chess Set by Nendo for Baccarat’s 250th Anniversary

As part of Baccarat’s 250th anniversary celebrations, Nendo has collaborated with the French luxury crystal house to create a limited edition chess set that embodies nearly three centuries of elite craftsmanship.

+6 imagesLimited Edition Chess Set by Nendo for Baccarat’s 250th Anniversary
Based on a timeless baccarat icon – the celebrated harcourt glass design – the elegant set comprises 32 hand-cut pieces made in clear and midnight blue crystal, shaped in forms of the king’s crown, the hem of the queen’s robes and the bishop’s mitre.

The production process demonstrates the epitome of a master-craft; each individual set of chessmen requires the utmost precision, demanding over 200 hours of labor for cutting alone. As a result, both the transparent and midnight crystal pieces come to life with a subtle diffusion of light, illuminated by the chessboard and enhanced by the series of elaborate glass cuts.

Just like the signature ruby octagon adorning baccarat chandeliers, a ruby square on the base of the chessboard pays tribute to the emblematic baccarat color.

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