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The art of being mindFUL in a world FULL of distractions

Seeking balance and inner peace on the threshold of a new decade

Sophia Pavlova Sophia Pavlova
+4 imagesThe art of being mindFUL in a world FULL of distractions

How often do you meet somebody who has dedicated his life to a kind of knowledge and wisdom that has been passed on since ancient history? Not every day. At the end of 2019 we have the privilege to know such person and gain some valuable insight for quality New Year’s resolutions.

Meet Shi Heng Yi, Headmaster of Shaolin Temple Europe. He has been practicing in the martial arts of Shaolin from the age of 4 and in the beginning of the century he became a disciple of the first 5 Shaolin Masters, who were sent from Songshan Shaolin Temple China to pass on their culture in Germany. In the spirit of this ancient philosophy, applied to our modern world, here is what Master Yi shared with us regarding his participation in the next event TEDxVitosha: High. Higher. Highest. On 25th January 2020 at Azaryan Theatre.

Master Yi, what is your inspiration for getting on the TEDxVitosha2020 stage: High.Higher.Highest.?

It’s my personal belief that the future development of the world that we‘re living in will be greatly dependent upon the level of awareness and proper education and training of each person’s mindset and attitude towards life. In that sense, ancient methods and philosophies offer an incredibly rich amount of tools in order to make this transformation happen. Having the opportunity to share these insights in a highly professional surrounding is a great chance and first step along this road.

Who is the one person who has influenced you the most and who has changed your life perspective?

Undoubtedly where I am today is thanks to all experiences that my teachers and parents led me through. This is the reason why in Asian culture we‘re referring to our teachers also as Shifu, which is the synonym for „father/teacher or master“.


Which is the most important issue for 2020 and the upcoming decade? What are the main goals that TEDxVitosha2020 will be setting in the beginning of the new year?

As mentioned earlier, a low level of awareness or consciousness will bring more disruptions amongst the societies. TEDxVitosha has the format and range of influence to develop highly skilled people with moral integrity and a high level of awareness to understand the future effects of each personal or professional decision undertaken.

What is the biggest challenge on the road to the highest peak?

The higher the peak the more important it will become to effectively distribute one‘s energy. Each step should be well thought of and will from time to time also challenge past belief structures that can stop us in proceeding. For these occasions it will be helpful being able to make use of a strong and unbreakable determination and willpower to continue the climb.

A famous saying is:

„There are 2 mistakes along the way to Self-Mastery. Firstly, not starting it and secondly, not going all the way.“


How high is your own personal high?

Higher then yesterday, yet not high enough to stop the journey.


On 25th of January, 2020, we will be honored to welcome on the TEDxVitosha stage Master Shi Heng Yi.

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