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Minimalism - the new normal

Maintaining your home organized is easier than it seems

Mariana Gavrilova
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I spent a few days ordering my house to see if that also ordered my life. This so poetic did not occur to me only, but also to a woman who managed to turn home perfectionism into a lifestyle empire. Growing up in a household where the traditional arts of cooking, sewing, housekeeping, and gardening were practiced, Marta Stewart sparked interests in domestic arts from an early age. As she uses to say ‘’That’s a good thing!’’, well being organized is a good thing, indeed.

I got introduced to Marta’s tips about home organizing by a friend of mine when we were to take some drinks to celebrate that she had finally found a job that she really liked.

Before I started, I did a little research: it turned out that Marta Stewart is not the only one who supports the austere, orderly and clean lifestyle, but there are others who defend it as well. Recently on Netflix, a new tv show called ‘’Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’’ was released and it really caught my eye. Twice younger than Marta Stewart, Marie Kondo is now on her way to unseating Marta as the world’s ‘’queen of domestic arts’’. Marie says she has been a crazy tidying fanatic since the age of 5 and ‘’Sparking joy’’ is her idea of a good life.

Being keen on ordering and organizing since a very young age is a thing they both have in common. Marie Kondo doesn’t extend on baking and cooking, but in fact, we can notice many similarities in the careers of these two successful ladies. Among those similarities is that they have become lifestyle brands with their strong online presence, have become successful with their books and they both live by their famous sayings which I have mentioned above.

Following their methods for home organizing can truly have a serious impact on your happiness and here are few of the tips that Stewart and Kondo share.

Store smart

Marta Stewart teaches us how to store smart at the kitchen and to always put the most used items in the most accessible places and less used ones – on high shelves. On the other hand, Marie suggests us to store our clothes in rows and not in piles. The thing is that clothes don’t get wrinkled up when stored in rows.

Get rid of unnecessary items

For Kondo tidying is a special event. She does it daily while Marta Stewart says that it is better to do it yearly and get rid of only the duplicate items you possess. You can choose which method suits you best!

Use the space wisely

Leaving the room feeling open and fresh is quite important for your comfortableness as well. For example, if you already have many books on your shelves and it looks messy, try to re-order for more space or by putting the old ones away – donating to a local library.

As much as Marie Kondo and Marta Stewart are similar in a way, they also have different views on home organizing and keeping it minimalist, but still pretty. I can't say that I've attained organizing perfection yet but the pleasure I've already gained from their methods is a big step.


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