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Coffee and books in the Old Town of Tallinn

The Estonian capital charms with cosy streets and plenty of interesting places to visit

Mariana Gavrilova
+3 imagesCoffee and books in the Old Town of Tallinn

Coffee and I love each other more and more every day. It is not an infatuation based on lust, no. It’s about pure love, one that gradually emerges, drop by drop in this case. It is love that has been there in difficult moments and in the greatest joys. In sleepless nights and early mornings, in quiet Sunday afternoons. An office love, a home love and of course, a coffee shop love. When talking about coffee shops, so far Tallinn is one of the cities which makes

you fall in love with its vintage coffee shops

where you can stay forever, just wandering through your favorite book and enjoying a glimpse of the sunsets and alleys.

Upon arrival in Tallinn, I didn’t really  have much idea of what the city was like, though I had a very pleasant surprise when I saw all its architecture, how full of life it is in spring and all the cultural richness and local folklore.

tallinn estonia medieval city

The Old town is the most beautiful thing about Tallinn. It is small, picturesque and with cobblestone streets worth getting lost in. Especially, a walk very early in the morning, when the city is waking up, is truly charming. The smell of the fresh coffee and the sleepy voices you hear out of the cozy bookstores and souvenir shops, makes you feel really comfortable. Exploring the bookstores in the early hours gives you such a pleasant feeling… though perhaps a not so pleasant one for the sellers.

What makes Tallinn really different

though, is the touch of color given by its inhabitants dressed as in the Middle Ages while selling random homemade foods and handmade crafts. It is really attractive to see the shops and restaurants recreating a medieval atmosphere with wooden tables and decoration of that time. The waiters also wear medieval costumes and that really makes you feel as you went back in times. 

tallinn estonia medieval

There is this Medieval tavern Draakon III in the very center of the Old town where as soon as you cross the door, a warm and dreary atmosphere surrounds you. The tavern is only lit by candles, which gives it the typical air of these inns that we see in movies. Those where bearded men walk in after a long journey, ready to drink all the beer they can find. For people who are not fond of beer, a cup of rye coffee will also make them feel the Medieval vibe.

While I was sitting there and getting lost in the pages of the mysterious book I had with me, a storm was about to start outside. My coffee was getting cold though the smell still remained and kept me astonished by this short but amazing trip in the times of ancient castles.

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