Olivia Palermo and Piaget Possessions – double dose of style and class

At the centre of the new collection are colours and their ability to “dress” for emotions and situations.

Biliana Konstantinova Biliana Konstantinova

What happens when style and class meet style and class? Olivia Palermo and Piaget Possessions. They come together for the brand's new campaign for the second consecutive year.


At the centre of the collection are colours and the combination between boldness and classic stylish design that evolves into gentle but firm confidence and perfect balance. Olivia Palermo has a lot to say about that. As a model, creative director, philanthropist and entrepreneur, she wears many different hats and puts her own distinctive spin on everything she does.


“Colour is very much something I enjoy in life. I love that it was incorporated in the new collection. You see the different ways women can wear the Possession pieces and how it gives them confidence”, says Palermo.


In many ways, she lives her life by the motto of the iconic Possession collection with its rotating ring design: “Turn and the world is yours”.


That's why the central element of the campaign is a short film to be launched on April 3rd. It sees her heroine moving from one dynamic colour scene to another, each representing a different situation or mood: joy, love, playfulness, work, leisure or inspiration. They all are dressed in a different colour and a different set of jewels from Possessions' new collection. Intense Black, Vivid Turquoise, Vibrant Red, Bright Green, Deep Blue, Gold – they all represent a concrete emotion.


Beyond her appearance in the film, Olivia Palermo shows the faces of the modern woman in series of exclusive photographs. She creatively pairs Possession sautoirs, bracelets, bangles and rings with different looks themed around the new colours of the collection, showing off the versatility of a collection that is continuously evolving with new designs, colours and materials.


Through this campaign, Piaget paints a captivating picture of the Possession woman. Elegant, daring and talented, with a turn of her ring, she sets in motion the wheel of destiny and channels all the positive energy around her to make the world her very own.

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