Callistorea: Passion born of friendship

In pursuit of the extraordinary, we found an interesting French jewelry brand. If you are going to Nice, you should visit the Callistorea boutique.

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This is how the story began. In 1970, Jean-François Viale, a literary professor, was asked by a diamond-cutter to write his memoirs. Over time and their discussions, a genuine friendship blossomed and Jean-François Viale left academia for the world of gemstones. He became a precious stone dealer before focusing on the design and production of jewellery and in 1985, he created his own brand "Callistorea".

In 2009, after 10 years of professional experience with major international groups, his 2 children Claire and Alexandre decided to take over the company. Today, Claire ceaselessly invents new models for today's contemporary women whilst Alexandre is in charge of the company's workshop and guarantees the quality and "Made in France" expertise.

Claire's designs are inspired by the light and gentle lifestyle of the Côte d'Azur (south of France) where the company is based, in Nice. Colour takes pride of place in the design of her bright and opulent jewellery, a source of happiness and delight for the women who wear them.

The collection has a fantastic 200 models, combinations of white or rose gold with white and brown diamonds, as well as colourful gemstones.

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