Jean-Paul Gaultier in the Realm of Seven and I

The French designer took on a new challenge to design a collection for the newly-minted fashion brand, Seven and I.

+2 imagesJean-Paul Gaultier in the Realm of Seven and I
When it comes to Jean-Paul Gaultier, the surprises never stop coming. As of late, we have become convinced in his provocative nature. First came the decision for him to "descend" from the ready-to-wear podium and focus only on haute couture. Now, however, the "bad boy" of fashion made a shift from his original plan by making a commitment to the Japanese brand, Seven and I to design their first women's collection from the luxury line, Seven Premières.

Gaultier's choice is no coincidence. The company is aiming to follow in the footsteps of their competitor Japanese brand Uniqlo, which also began to collaborate with famous western designers in order to expand its market.

Seven Premières, created by Gaultier himself, features various modern yet practical shirts, coats, dresses, pants and accessories at affordable prices. The focus is on the high quality of production. The collaboration between the french designer and the Japanese company is scheduled to make its debut on the market this October - online and in stores such as Ito-Yokado, Sogo & Seibu. The prices will vary between 30 and 230 euros per item.

"Mr. Gaultier's creations aim to make many women beautiful. The full title of the collection will be Jean Paul GAULTIER FOR Sept Premières", shared an official representative of Seven and I.

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