The Real Face of Luxury

To have a purse, custom made, and yet bearing the logo of your favourite designer - now, that is what we call a dream come true.

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Has it ever happened that you like the overall concept of a brand however, there is that one irksome detail in the dream-purse that is not to your taste? Unfortunately, there are not many brands which can offer to avoid this inconvenience and offer their clients a model made entirely to their requirements - for leather, for lining, for the zipper and the colour itself. But, when it comes to making their clients happy, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton know all the tricks.

The modern woman will undoubtedly see her elegance, style and perfectionism realized in the Miranda bag by Michael Kors. Monogram, colour, luxury lining - everything is chosen according to the personal tastes of the future owner, in order to craft a unique creation. A carefully tailored design makes this double-sided crocodile leather and velour the perfect combination for this bag's structured silhouette. The clean lines and the sculpture-esque form of the Miranda bag come alive with a classic twist. Until the finished product is complete, however, a series of decisions must be made - including the finish of the leather itself - matte or glossed.

Without a doubt, the most personal detail of the bag remains the engraved initials on the inside. Another company, which offers the pleasure of truly calling a purse "your own", is Louis Vuitton. The French have always been a symbol of class and a personalized approach to their products. This is exactly why the the experience of creating a purse based on your own flawless vision for it is an exciting moment. In the Louis Vuitton flagship store on Bond Street in London, this special undertaking must be especially scheduled. During the consultation, you submerge yourself in the world of the brand, where smaples and high-quality materials wait to be chosen to become part of your unique bag.

There are five base models to choose from. 8 types of leather, 27 colours, a cornucopia of materials for lining - it has been calculates that the clients of Louis Vuitton have the opportunity to put together a total of 80 000 possible combinations! Every purse is handmade in the historic atelier in Paris and the produvtion can take over five months if the chosen if the leather is not exotic, and up to a year, if it is.

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