The Best Beaches of 2015

It is incredibly difficult to put together a list of the best beaches in the world, but when it is done by Travel Chanel, we're more inclined to trust their recommendations.

+9 imagesThe Best Beaches of 2015
In the final days of winter, Travel Chanel announced their beach favourites according to various categories, giving their audience a chance to start planning their dream summer getaway. The good news is - the list has something for every type of preference.

For those looking for adult entertainment and an exciting nightlife, Miami, "the sexiest beach" is the perfect destination. Swimsuit model Nina Ardal seems to agree. She was quoted as saying, " Soft sands, beautiful, warm water, interesting people, volleyball and other fun sports, an abundance of great places to eat and get refreshing drinks. The biggest upside of Miami, however, is that barely there bathing suits are totally acceptable."

Adventurers looking for a tropical thrill should head down to Little Dix Bay on the British Virgin Islands. Travel Chanel identifies this beach as the most romantic because of its hidden caverns, luxury resorts and a certain "barefoot elegance". Atitlan Lake in Guatemala, which few have heard of, took home the prize for best beach overall. After checking out some photos, we believe it was completely deserved. Lucky are the few who know about the existence of the deepest lake in Central America, located high in the national mountain range. If you see Atitlan with your own eyes, you will know why people call it one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Here are the rest of the beaches recognized by Travel Chanel:
Best Alternative Beach: The Red Beach, Santorini, Greece
Best Family Beach: Seaside, Florida Best
Beach for Entertainment: Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza, Brazil
Best Boardwalk Beach: Coney Island, New York
Best Party Beach: La Bara, Punta del Este, Uruguay
Best Exotic Beach: Ilhabela, Brazil
Best Beach Bar: VICE, also known as Nissakia Surf Club, Artemida, Greece

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