MGM Grand with significant expansion of wellness hotel rooms

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and Delos, the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate, continue to set the standard in healthy hospitality with the expansion of Stay Well, the world’s first-ever wellness hotel rooms.

+3 imagesMGM Grand with significant expansion of wellness hotel rooms
After an overwhelmingly positive response and strong occupancy since inception, Stay Well at MGM Grand is expanding from 42 to 171 rooms and suites to encompass the entire14th floor of the hotel’s main tower.

“The success of the Stay Well rooms exemplifies the large consumer demand and appetite for a healthier, wellness-oriented travel experience,” said Delos Founder Paul Scialla. “We are thrilled to expand the Stay Well experience at MGM Grand and look forward to introducing Delos’ latest and most advanced health and wellness designs to guests.

Unveiled in 2012 at MGM Grand, Stay Well by Delos is the first of its kind to integrate medical science and technology into a hotel experience that optimizes and supports guests’ health and well-being.

Scott Sibella, president and COO of MGM Grand, said, “The feedback we’ve received from our guests since launching Stay Well by Delos has been overwhelmingly positive. We continue to see a strong demand for this type of hotel experience and are eager to expand the program.”

The in-room Stay Well experience features 17 evidence-based health and wellness elements including:

• Vitamin C Shower Infusion: shower water infused with Vitamin C which neutralizes chlorine to promote healthy hair and skin
• Stay Well Air Purification System: the most advanced HEPA-standard air purification system reduces allergens, toxins and pathogens, creating better air quality and breathing
• Water Filtration System: reduces disinfectant byproducts, chlorine, pesticides and some pharmaceutical and personal care products for the cleanest, most purified in-room water
• Advanced Room Lighting: improves the body’s internal clock by assisting in the regulation of melatonin production and sleep/wake cycles • Wake-Up Light Therapy: exposes guests to short periods of blue-shaded lighting to increase energy and reverse the effects of jetlag
• LED Dawn Simulator Alarm Clocks: awakens the body gradually
• Circadian Dimmable Bedside Lighting: natural, warm glow LED bedside lighting that can be customized to enhance sleep
• Nightlighting: LED lamps illuminate pathways at night without disturbing melatonin levels
• Optimized Black-Out Shades: supports the jet lag recovery features in the room by fully eliminating outdoor lighting sources to improve sleep quality and duration
• Cedar Closets: natural properties keep enclosed spaces fresh and dry
• Aromatherapy: optional aroma infusion for STAY WELL guests
• EMF Protection: protects STAY WELL guests from electrical equipment that emanates sleep-disruptive Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
• Photo-Catalytic Coating: breaks down bacteria, virus and VOCs on bacteria-susceptible surfaces
• Dedicated In-Room Menu: offers a variety of healthy choices most of which include natural organic ingredients rich in Omega 3 – all available 24 hours a day
• Mini-Bar Amenities: includes yogurt-covered raisins, raw almonds and coconut water among other items
• Cleveland Clinic Exclusive Access: wellness software includes stress management, sleep and nutrition programs, as well as access to healthy food/drink options developed by the Cleveland Clinic, that guests can use for up to 60 days after their stay
• Stay Well Channel: World-renowned health and wellness expert, and Delos advisory board member Dr. Deepak Chopra welcomes guests to MGM Grand through in-room televisions, followed by an educational video on the features in the room

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