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Rolls-Royce is Taking on the SUV Challenge

The brand officially announced its decision to begin producing its first all-terrain vehicle.

Rolls-Royce is Taking on the SUV Challenge
The rumours about a Rolls-Royce branded SUV have been public for a while however, until this moment they were exactly that - rumours. The company has decided to put them to bed with some good news for its fans. Rolls Royce announced that it does, in fact, have plans to launch an all-terrain vehicle, similarly to the kind its competitors from Jaguar and Bentley have already.

The British brand released an open letter from its President, Peter Schwarzenbauer, and CEO, Torsten Muller Otvos, in which they announce that work on the first 4x4 has already begun.

"Today we are happy to announce, that we are well on our way to creating a new model of Rolls-Royce with exceptional presence, elegance and cencept. This automobile will offer the premium experience of Rolls-Royce coupled with all-terrain functionality." The brand also hinted that the design with feature an elevated body, constructed on a new aluminium platform. The potential price of the long-awaited SUV from Rolls-Royce or when it will become officially available are still unclear.

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