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Cyclone Goes to Auction

The motorcycle previously owned by legendary Hollywood actor Steve McQueen is one of the most exclusive two wheeled vehicles every manufactured.

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In Las Vegas, this March, one of the most sought after motorcycles in history will go to auction. It is unique not only because of its design but, also because it used to be property of the great Steve McQueen, known during his life as the King of Cult. Everything he ever touched seemed to gain a certain aesthetic and immediately became "cult" and went down in history as such. The motorcycle Cyclone is no exception.

The remarkable motor vehicle was produced by the American company Joerns Motor Manufacturing. However, it soon went out of production and only 300 were made. From these 300, only six have been conserved and one of them was part of Steve McQueen's private collection.

All of the Hollywood icon's possessions, valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, will be auctioned off this month, including the Cyclone. After McQueen's death in 1984, his motorcycle was purchased by the collector A.J Cole. Cole has acquired a truly spectacular collection of vintage models, 225 of which will go to auction this March. It is expected that McQueen's motorcycle will sell for $650 000-$750 000, making it one of the most expensive motor bikes in the world.

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