Become a chef in the Ferragamo estate

Amongst the beautiful nature of Toscana, the astounding estate Il Borro provides a great culinary experience for those whose passion is cooking.

+3 imagesBecome a chef in the Ferragamo estate
Il Borro is an enchanting complex hidden amongst the beautiful region of Toscana, Italy. A hotel with 22 rooms, 3 villas, a swimming pool, a gallery, tennis courts, spa centre could be found within the 700 acre of the estate, as well as biodynamic vineyards which have won many international awards.

This year the 2 restaurants in Il Borro are back in business after having been repaired for a few months. Osteria del Borro is the culinary jewel of the estate. This remarkable restaurant offers a wide range of recipes prepared by chef Andrea Campani. But not only can the guests enjoy the interpretations of the typical food from the Toscana area, they can also learn some of the intriguing culinary tricks which create the special taste of the meals.

And those who choose to take up the challenge to learn how to cook like a professional Italian chef will go through a series of cooking classes. They will not only demonstrate how the products can be turned into a delicious meal but will also teach the participants how to choose the best ones in the first place. The “students” will have the opportunity to go around the local farms and markets where they will look for fresh seasonal goods with guaranteed origin.

The youngsters will also have the opportunity to learn how to cook like a master chef. Those aged up to 16 will be taught some of the easier traditional Italian recipes. And as for the youngest ones (up to 8 years of age) - they will acquire the skills necessary for making authentic Italian pizza dough.

Every true chef knows that no meal is perfect without a glass of good wine. Therefore, visiting the cellars within Il Borro is compulsory for those who are staying in the estate and want to dive into the experience and thoroughly live it through.

Take a look at what awaits you in Toscana.

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