The bad boys of the watch industry

Alexandra Traykova Alexandra Traykova

H. Moser & Cie are far from your typical watch brand – perhaps too far, for some. In a world full of expensive clichés (and even more expensive watches), their original and quirky, tongue-in-cheek ads stand out like a sore thumb. They’re like Patek Philippe’s funnier, more down-to-earth cousin. Rather than relying on the same concepts used by everyone else for decades, the Schaffhausen-based manufacture have made it their mission to find creative freedom

through the use of humor.

The truth is, one doesn’t need to be Bear Grylls or your posh grandfather in order to understand the appeal of a high quality watch – and CEO Edouard Meylan is well aware of that fact. The cleverly designed portal, made by H. Moser &Cie, mocks pretentious watch ads (ever noticed the overuse of words like “investment”, “timeless” or “generation”, anyone?) and does not take itself seriously. It greets visitors almost like old friends: "The luxury industry doesn't tend to go in for humor. We, however, do. If you like beautiful things and you've remained a lucid human being, first of all, congratulations. Second of all, welcome home!" The website, originally launched in 2015, has now been updated to include a series of

hilariously written, delightfully edgy articles

covering a variety of topics – from that garish plastic watch you used to wear as a kid to the somewhat absurd way in which older brands try to capitalize on their long histories (we’re just here to buy your watches, not your family drama, thankyouverymuch).

H. Moser &Cie have made the wise decision to let their watches speak for themselves, no fancy words needed. And honestly, who could say “no” to that? At the end of the day, your sense of humor matters more than your taste in watches, but buying a H. Moser & Cie will testify to the fact that you have both. In high volumes.

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