Baume & Mercier’s new addition: premium quality at affordable price

Its name is Clifton Baumatic and its mechanism is an entirely Swiss development

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+13 imagesBaume & Mercier’s new addition: premium quality at affordable price

Baume & Mercier presented an entirely Swiss developed watch at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva.The Swiss company has set a new goal–to improve the performance of mechanical watches and to make them accessible to more people. The result is Clifton Baumatic, an elegant and durable watch with classic style, white dial with porcelain finish. Simple but with precise mechanism.



It is the first watch developed by Baume & Mercier in collaboration with ValFleurier and a team of engineers at Richemont Group. Clifton Baumatic offers an optimized cost, efficiency and performance.

Its precise operation can be monitored through the back cover. 

The mechanism includes several innovative components that increase power reserve, accuracy and reliability. The 120-hour reserve is achieved with a special alloy used for bodywork, the Powerscape Anchor Technology and the Twinspir Silicon Spring.
All these elements provide an accuracy of -4 to +6 seconds for 24 hours.

The model is built forlonger maintenance intervals. New types of oils are used that withstand high temperature amplitudes, as they are not sensitive to powerful magnetic fields (1 500 gauss).



The watch lasts 25 times the radiation of traditional devices. The logo on the top of the dial is shielded by a special anti-magnetic protector that contributes to the accuracy of the watch and its durability and reduces the need for repair. The dial is matte and non-scratchable. Clifton Baumatic is waterproof at a depth up to 50 m, 

it comes in four classic designs


andcan optionally feature a COSC-certified stopwatch. The Swiss company offers a combination of precision, durability and uncompromising quality for a wider range of consumers at an affordable price.


Price: US$2,790.00  

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