A tailor-made life

From books to technologies – personalized solutions are the new black of business

Biliana Konstantinova Biliana Konstantinova
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Do you remember Levi Strauss & Co.‘s program Personal Pair? Based on a system that could design a garment from personal data entered through a point-of-sale terminal, generate instructions to cut and sew it, and then track the item through shipment to the customer, it offered clients the opportunity to get their own tailor-made pair of jeans. There were no dissatisfied clients. It started in 1995 and was ended in 2004 when Levi Strauss & Co. moved production for North America overseas.

12 years later, in 2016, 75% of companies worldwide define

improving customer experience

as their top objective. This means focused efforts and innovations so that consumers get exactly what they want and need, quickly and easily. Not all of them together as a unit, united by some common criteria, but each individually, according to their own needs and desires.

Over the past few years, personalization has proven to be the best investment and a sine qua non for the development of any company with long-term ambitions on the market.

This is what everybody is willing to pay for.

Business is integrating it into its practices because it means always satisfied customers. Many initially small entrepreneurial companies emerge and position themselves firmly on the market thanks to the individual approach to every single client. This is exactly how U Star Novels which now boasts hundreds of thousands of dollars annual revenue appeared about 10 years ago. It offers personalized novels where the main characters are based on the customer or on people they want to surprise with a one-of-a-kind gift.

The easier way to personalize is to give customers the opportunity to configure exactly what they want. We see this every day and it covers more and more aspects of our life – from tech gadgets or the chance to “prepare” our salad or pizza using a preselection of ingredients to the personal business solutions that started to replace the well-known standard offers. Fast, easy and personal is the new mantra on the market and companies with long-term perspective are obliged to follow it. Otherwise

they risk getting into “either-or” situation:

you either follow trends or you get forced out.

Sephora is among the companies that have made the right choice. Before ordering from their online shop you can experience the product using the Visual Artist tool. Through augmented reality you can try on various lipsticks, blushes and even eyelashes effortlessly. Upon finding the right one, you just order on your phone and that is it. No shops, no wasting time. Fast, easy and personal!

The key word behind all of this is "time".

Today’s hasty everyday life makes us very careful about everything that would take away from it. We cannot and do not want to allow experiments with inappropriate solutions. This is what personalization is about – developing goods and services with the user in mind. Ideally, a win-win situation.