The Future of the Apple Watch

This April, a new member of the Apple product family will be introduced. The company expects to make a profit of over $20 million in sales.

The Future of the Apple Watch
2015 will definitely be the year of the smart watch. Apple representatives announced that they will release 5-6 million of their new gadget to retailers. According to CSS Insights, a research and market analysis company, this is only a humble beginning - their data suggests that Apple's first watch has the potential to sell out more than four times the number intended for initial release.

It is expected that about 50% of the 5-6 million on order will be part of the Sport collection - this model will have several different choices of watch bands, will feature an anodized aluminium body with a reenforced Ion-X glass display. Simultaneously, Apple will also release the classic stainless steel alternative.

The official price of the smart watch has not been made public yet, however, there is a chance it will be priced at several thousand instead of several hundred dollars. There is no doubt that this will be the case with the 18-karat gold Apple Watch, of which 1 million pieces will be released.

According to the company, the release of this new product on the market will increase Apple product sales eight-fold in the next 12 months. This prediction is supported by another market research company - Canalys, which provided data showing that, of the 4.6 million smart watches sold in 2014, only 720 000 used the Android operating system.

Even though the success of the Apple Watch might seem certain, there is still a chance that Apple haven't come up with the application capable of launching the smart watch to new heights quite yet. Initial details about the product suggested that it will focus on applications related to personal health by including, for example, an app to measure blood pressure. However, it later became clear that they did not make it into the final prototype due to the fact that that they were either too complex to execute or because of the concern that they would not be popular enough. To bypass their usability problem, Apple has invited some of the top programmers in the world to polish the functionality and user experience of each application before the product's release in April.

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