Olivier Bernheim: Precision is my inspiration

"...When you work on a new product for months, you just want to wear it. You want to test and enjoy it..."

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by Ina Gerdjikova

What are the novelties by Raymond Weil at Baselworld 2013?
This year we focus on our core collections which are maestro, freelancer and jasmine by reinterpreting the designs and offering new variations in movements, materials, shapes and sizes. Our aim is to reach a larger public of aspirational consumers by proposing timeless creations, classic and modern at the same time.

Can you tell us more about the concept of the timepieces you presented?
Remaining true to the Brand spirit, we are proposing this year novelties in our emblematic collections. RAYMOND WEIL offers models that can be worn in any circumstances; they are at the same time casual and elegant. The maestro collection will be enriched with a new chronograph and a moon phase complication for lady, as well as some retro-inspired models. Variations around the best-selling chronograph and the open-dial visible balance wheel models will be presented in the freelancer collection. More feminine than ever, the jasmine collection is enhanced with a subtle flower motif, which adorns the heart of its dial, on a guilloché finish; new gorgeous variations will contribute to pursue its worldwide success.

Have you always been passionate about watchmaking?
When you work on a new product for months, you just want to wear it. You want to test and enjoy it. So, I have two new watches per year and if you go in my drawer you will probably find 60 watches that represent the history of RAYMOND WEIL and my involvement in the company. I guess this can be called: passion.

Can you describe us the creation of a RAYMOND WEIL timepiece - from the concept to the realization?
All the developing process of a RAYMOND WEIL watch goes through passion, constant rigor and meticulous attention on even the smallest detail. Our Research and Development department created in 1999 is very highly advanced in watch prototyping and helps RAYMOND WEIL enjoy full horological follow-up. Our timepieces are all developed internally form the very beginning until the final harmonious result. At the heart of any watch, from design to industrialization, watchmaking know-how, innovation and aestheticism are crucial.

The major claim of the brand is “Precision is my inspiration”. What is the secret of precision?And where do you find inspiration to create the unique Raymond Weil timepieces?
Luxury watchmaking and music have a lot in common: the precision needed to achieve the highest performance and all the emotions produced by works of art. Mastery, emotions, harmony: precision and music convey perfectly the values of RAYMOND WEIL. The music is a passion of the family. Indeed, my father-in-law, the brand’s founder , himself a great lover of classical and lyrical music, was inspired by it from the outset when he named his first collection after famous operas.

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