‘Let your child grow’ and other royal parenting tips

Prince William and Kate Middleton break some royal traditions when it comes to raising their kids

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+2 images‘Let your child grow’ and other royal parenting tips

Even before the child is born parents know that they will do everything and anything to protect it. Too worried parents are constantly overprotective. Not only do they protect their children from diseases and accidents, but also from malnutrition, all kinds of criticism, falling and later from sports and school failures, from bad company, as well as from anything else that could upset them. Such children later have bad motor skills because they were forbidden to jump, run and fall, for example. Although children are perfectly capable, mothers and fathers collect their toys for them, make their beds or prepare their books for school.

Caring is alright but overcaring is not as it means parents prevent the child from growing into an independent and responsible person.

Unfortunately, it's often not so. Because of that, here are some tips from Prince William and Katherine Middleton to help you raise your child as a great and independent individual.

Listen to your child

Everyone has the right to freely declare their thoughts and emotions. Doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult. It is important to develop emotional intelligence in children.

Physical punishment is never acceptable

If their son is angry and runs around, they are not worried about him falling down. Instead of looking for a physical way to confront difficult behavior, the Duchess tries getting his attention, for example with loud singing. Sometimes she lies down to the ground and begins to shout loudly. In fact, this trick works and children quickly calm down.

Tablets and computers are toys for adults

Their children spend a lot of time outside, in nature, riding a bicycle. It is strictly forbidden to use any electronic devices. Ball games, jumping with rope and games in nature are the biggest help when it comes to developing their imagination and intelligence. Leave your children fall, cry or whatever. That is their way to grow up.

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Reasonable spending as a way of life

They can often be spotted wearing their parents’ old clothes as well as childhood clothes from their uncle. If it is necessary to buy something new, they are buying clothing from economical brands ignoring the luxurious models.

Education is important

They are always reading books to their children, taking them to museums and exhibitions. It is a great way to extend your children’s knowledge and get them curious about the world. Keeping them at home all the time, because you are afraid they may get lost in the crowd is something Kate and William never worry about.

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