Top experts from Finlandia Vodka revealed the secrets of pure vodka

On an exclusive tasting for more than 100 VIP partners, the vodka specialists charged us with an amazing mood, fancy cocktails and of course - exceptional facts about vodka.

Top experts from Finlandia Vodka revealed the secrets of pure vodka

The master taster of Finlandia Vodka, Markku Raittinen and the global brand Mixologist Pekka Pellinen, visited Bulgaria for a special tasting of Finlandia Vodka, on which they revealed the true qualities of pure vodka.

With exceptional ease and delicate sense of humor, the two experts explained that 85% of one's taste sensation comes from the nose. Another interesting fact they shared was that vodka is divided into three basic styles, according to the taste.

"The most important ingredient of vodka is water. It is the soul of vodka, as the alcohol is its heart", explained Markku. "Finlandia Vodka is produced exclusively of Finnish spring water from glaciers. The water is used as it is produced, without further processing. This is why Finlandia Vodka is the purest vodka on the market, a fact that can be checked at any lab", stated the master taster.

After the tasting with Markku, the Global brand mixologist, Pekka Pellinen prepared for us legendary cocktails like Ginger Snap, Smoked Bloody Mary and Finlandia Bonfire in a spectacular master performance.

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