Beverly Hills 9OH2O - the champagne of bottled water

The PR pitch for Beverly Hills 90H20 borrows heavily on the wine and spirits vernacular to sell the “best tasting water in the world.”

+6 imagesBeverly Hills 9OH2O - the champagne of bottled water
It’s being pitched as the “champagne of water,” developed by water sommeliers to be sipped, sniffed and rolled around the mouth like a fine wine during a fancy meal.
Sourced from the mountain springs of northern California, the premium water claims to be crafted with natural minerals using a “proprietary patent-pending formula” that results in a 7.5 pH alkalinity for a “silky smooth,” crisp, fresh taste profile that’s supposed to appeal to the broad consumer spectrum.
It’s these unique characteristics which are likewise supposed to make Beverly Hills 90H20 the ideal water pairing for fine foods and wines, reads the sales pitch.
The premium water blend is bottled in a diamond-like, hand finished decanter triple-sealed for freshness.
Each of the limited-edition 10,000 bottles also features a unique custom art design and is available at fine restaurants, luxury hotels, gourmet markets and fashion boutiques. Bottles retail for $14.
The product has been launched in the US at outlets like the Montage Beverly Hills, Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Markets and Bulgari on Rodeo Drive, says wine trade publication Decanter.

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